Sunday, 3 August 2014

let's talk about... War-gaming


For my first post, I wanted to talk about something interesting; something that most people may not know exists - what I found in this topic surprised even me. Known as "Miniature War-gaming", it is a war-strategy style game (I like to think of it as chess on steroids) where human players gather together and control miniature units on game boards (known as "warboards", "gameboards, etc...) measuring 2ft. x 2ft, 4ft. x 6ft. or larger! These games can contain any ware from a hand-full of units to hundreds (maybe even upwards of a thousand) individually hand-painted units.


I have a history of video-gaming - but never have I been into role-playing, Dungeons & Dragons or board-games (generally speaking). A friend from work had mentioned that he is into Warhammer (Warhammer 40,000). He began to tell me a little about it, and I became... intrigued. His passion for the world, factions and gameplay was astounding.

"Cult of Yurei" by GCT Studios

Why it's Awesome

Aside from the intricate rules, worlds, units and ideas it takes to create a game like "Warhammer" and "Bushido: the Game"; what makes war-gaming so awesome is the creativity and talent of the people who play. As I began looking for miniatures and war-boards, my jaw dropped to the floor.

There are some amazing terrain builders, figure painters, item sculptors and more - what I really like is how the community as a whole, is very supportive and willing to share lessons and know-how with their fellow war-gamers.

Closing Thoughts

Knowing what I know-now, I am eager to try my hand in war-gaming; perhaps I will start with something small(er), like Bushido: the Game, as I really like the theme of the game, and the rules seem some-what easy to grasp (not a complaint on the rules, but my ability to memorize them).

I encourage everyone to take some time to search out the amazing talent that exists, and the work being done on this small-scale.

To all of you involved in the work, hobby and play of war-gaming, keep doing what you're doing, as it is awesome!

Let me know your favorite war-game, and your favorite part of war-gaming!

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